Primary & Secondary Speak UP!®

Empower your most precious resources to openly communicate via SpeakUp.

The app that helps children & teens become UPstanders

1 in every 5 students experiences some level of bullying in school.

National Center for Education Statistics and Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2019

6 out of 10 teenagers say they see bullying happen at school at least once a day.

National crime Prevention council, 2003

35% of students have been threatened over the Internet

National I-Safe Survey, 2004

Over 160,000 children miss some amount of school each day because they are intimidated by other students.

National Education Association, 2012

6 out of 8 teenagers say they see bullying happen at school at least once a day.

National crime Prevention council, 2003

About Us

Powered by information technologists with over 40 years experience in hardware and software solutions, Speak UP!® is an international company that provides schools an opportunity to prevent the abuse and bullying that takes place on and off the internet.

When students anonymously report incidents through the web or phone app, they are not only helping the innocent victims of bullying and cyberbullying but they are also empowering themselves by standing up for others and for themselves.

Our App, your solution

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I report in the App?

You can report anything that concerns you or anything you think the school should know.


Can I download the app if my school does not have the Speak UP! program?

Unfortunately, no. Your school must be enrolled in the Speak UP!® program. Please contact us and we will help you get set up!

What if I report something that is not true?

All reported incidents, no matter how truthful, will be investigated. However, you should always try your best to be an honest reporter.


My school wants the program, what should I do?

Send us a message from the Contact section and we will get back to you!


Can I report something anonymously?

Yes, totally. That's one of the reasons this app is so successful. Just make sure to check the "Report anonymously" box when making your report.


Is the app only for iPhone and Android?

Yes, currently the app is available only for the iPhone®/iPad® and Android™.